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Scar Solo Team Deathmatch Tournament

This will be new kind of tournament, that wans't before in this game yet. This will be 8 vs 8 Solo Team Deathmatch gamemode with random balance, and there will be one winner after the 4 rounds based on the overall score from the scoreboard.

Time: 18th December 20:00 [GMT+1]

  • Forced Scar
  • No attachment
  • No pistol
  • No grenade/JAW/Rex
  • No support bonus
  • No radar
  • No visor tag
  • Perks: Maneuverability + Weapon Pro + XP Bonus

Maps: Museum, East River, Hydro Dam, Chinatown

Time limit: 15mins/round

Score limit: Unlimited

Video records:
Atleast 480p videos.
The top 3 player have to upload it, for the others is optional, but if somebody want to see it, make sure it will be available.
Camera recording not needed.

Other infos:
Every player score will be added together.
If somebody disconnect during the match, just show the recording before the disconnect and this score will be added also to the overall score.
There will be 16 slots and it will be good if atleast 10 players will join, but more than 16 players can participate, and they will get the reserve slots if somebody can't come.
Waiting time will be 10mins and after than we will start the tournament and if somebody don't come, the reserve player will join.

One of our training servers now running with these settings, just type [HNT-C3C] TDM Training to the filter.

The winner's name will be displayed in server message on every our managed servers for 1 month.

To participate just write your in-game name.

Good luck & have fun for everyone! Who will be the best teamplayer?
From saibot852 on 12/08/2015 12:10 AM GMT +00:00

The_Fragman_FR write on 12/16/2015 06:15 AM GMT +00:00

The 2nd C3C event and still more to come in 2016.
Thx for advertising ;)
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