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3rd C3AHU Tournament - FRENZY

20 March

18:00 GMT+1

Depending on the Gamemode being played, the rules will be given at the anouncement of that tournament.

There's been some confusing around the recordings.

1st recording:
Ingame. This is the very important recording. All matches must be recorded from very 1st Round.
All players playing in a Semi Final/Final must upload Both the Semi Final & Final Video's. The 1st Round video is only needed when requested by a C3AHU admin.

2nd recording:
This video is just as important, this will proof that there is no wallhack used. We know some have slow upload speeds, some players are capped and it's not always possible to upload so many video's. So here's the deal.
If u can ad the 2nd recording via webcam/cellphone/video camera into the original ingame video it's a major bonus. If not, u're only required to upload this video when there is suspicious moments. If another player questions a certain part of the match or if we simply want to see a certain section. DO NOT DELETE THIS VIDEO!!! (For atleast 1 Month after Tournament) This is your Proof! Remember that!
If u're asked to provide this video and u're unable, this will result in 1 of 2 things. U will forfeit your price money and your team might be disqualified in general. In case of the latter, price money will go to 3rd/4th placed team/player.

Use of Macro!
The use of Macro is strickly forbidden on all Tournaments! We want fair and fun gameplay, and the use of macro (although not a cheat) give the player and advantage! The Use of Macro from any member of a team will result in the team being disqualified and banned from all future C3AHU Tournaments.

Use of Cheats!
No need to say anything here! U WILL BE BANNED FROM MANY SERVERS!!!! NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!!!

Match in progress:
If any player of a team disconnects during the match in play, a reserve player that has been listed may take his place. If no reserve was listed, the match will continue without that player. No match will be stopped or restarted due to a connection problem.
Points/Kills already scored by that player, will be taken into account if he can provide the evidence via video or screenshot on his score before disconnect. This is mostly aimed at DM/FRZ tournaments.


$0 per player. (Removed due to fact that some players are still young and unable to fork up $3 to compete. Lets just have Fun Rather)

1st: $70
2nd: $50
3rd: $30

Here's how it will work.

There will be 6 matches in Total. 3 on DLC maps & 3 on Standard Maps (Maps to be decided by community vote)
Each match will be limited to 15mins. The Score limit will be Unlimited.
Each players Score will be added together to get a overall score of all 6 matches.
a 5min break between each match. We wanted it a bit quicker and more intense so +- 2Hours and it's done!

In case of a Disconnect u wont forfeit your points already scored. Simply show us the recording where u disconected with the last score u had, and this will be added to your total. Live scores will be updated on C3AHU with all players Latest Score after each match.

Please Vote for your Map

Just post your name under this section. U will be contacted to confirm Entry Fee and then added to Participating Players List
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