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2nd C3AHU Tournament

30th January

Now for CTR we will have to make sure that we have enough teams ready to play!
A minimum of 8 Teams have to be present:
(4 vs 4) then Semifinals (2 vs 2) then the Final

If 8 Teams cant play (24 Players) We will revert to a Frenzy Tournament.

Now after casting Vote Please Ad your Team as a signup aswell.


Please do it as follow:
OSA - Viper-Smiddie / Slyboogi3 / RST7_ZA

Since some players does not partake in Frenzy for example, only ad the players name that will take part if a Frenzy Tournament will take part instead of the CTR.

Frenzy is thus the fail safe is there is not enough players to fill 8 teams:

If u dont have a Team but still want to take part: Ad your name aswell and we can help u set up a team:
NT(No Team) - Viper-Smiddie / LFP (Looking for Player) / LFP
Frenzy: Viper-Smiddie

Price Money will be as follow:

1st Prize
Winning team get = 125 $ ( US Dollars )

2nd Prize
Team get = 75$ ( US Dollars )

1st Prize
Winner = 100 $ ( US Dollars )

2nd Prize
Runner Up = 70$ ( US Dollars )

3rd Prize
3rd Place = 30$ ( US Dollars )

Terms and Conditions Apply.
1) To claim your Prize you must have valid Paypal Account.
2) In order to Claim your Prize, Send email to with your valid paypal ID or Email.

* This Prize money and tournament has nothing to do with the Services of Crytek and EA games .
* Must Follow the Rules of the Tournament 2015
* Incase of Absence of any player Terminate the team from the Tournament.


Capture the Relay Rules:
Perks: All except - Auto Armor / Rapid Fire
Weapons: All except - Rhino / BOW / DSG / JAW / Rex / Pole
Attachments: All except - Laser

Visor Taging will be allowed

Only 1 type of weapon per team. Example 1x Grendal + 1x Scar + 1x Marshall. (NO 3x Grendals or 3x Scars ect.)

Tournament Rules will be as previous.
Recordings must be made of all maches:
1 Normal recording via Fraps/Shadowplay or whatever software u use on PC.
2nd Recording must be made showing Keyboard Mouse & Monitor

2nd Recording EXAMPLE:

More infomation:
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