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1st c3ahu Tournament Sign-up

c3ahu will start her first tournament.

Gamemode: Crashsite 2vs2
Perks: Maneuverability + 2x XP Bonus ONLY - NO OTHER SUIT PERKS
Weapons: Majestic / Hammer / Nova (No AY69 / NO PRIMARY WEAPON)
Attachments: All except laser accepted.
Explosives: Flash Bang / EMP / Smoke Grenade - (NO JAW / NO FRAG GRENADE)
Maps: Skyline / Financial District / East River

There will be: No HUD / No Radar / No Hip Fire Crossair / No Pinger / No Pole / No Shield / No Alien Weapons / No HMG (Cars will remain and Car Kicks are legal)

No Time limit - Score limit of 300

All matches must be recorded. Using a webcam/Video Camera or Cellphone showing Screen Keyboard + Mouse. This is to prevent the use of overlay cheat software that aren't visible on normal recordings. Also record as normal for full and detailed view of match play. ( Winner of the tournament has to provide both recordings to be able to qualify for price money)

Format will be as follow: 1st Round will only be a single match knockout (Qualifier): Winning teams move on to Semi Final (Both Semi Final & Final will consist of 3 matches. 1 Match on each of the 3 maps. Qualifier only requires normal recording.
We want at least 8 teams so it's 4vs4 1st round / then semi final (2vs2) and final(1vs1). 3rd place play-off will be the 2 losing semifinalist. In a disqualification: Runner up will take 1st place price money and the 3rd placed team will take the runner up price!

No need to upload all recorded matches. Just keep them save! When requested or there is a query about a certain point in the match from opposing team u can provide the video! Failure to provide proof will result in disqualification and Runners up will take the price!

This will be a Tournament like no other before.

Date: Friday 5 December
Time: 19:00 GMT+2

1st Prize
Winneing team get = 100 $ ( US Dollars )* $50 per player

2nd Prize:
Runner up will get = 50 $ ( US Dollars )* $25 per player

Terms and Conditions Apply.
1) To claim your Prize you must have valid Paypal Account.
2) In order to Claim your Prize, Send email to with your valid paypal ID or Email.

* This Prize money and tournament has nothing to do with the Services of Crytek and EA games .

Signup ends Wednesday 3 December.

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