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CvsR Tournament

TDM organize a CvsR Tournament in october.

Here some infos.
Official Topic here :

Date : 24th / 25th October on 19H00 GMT+1 (Paris)
Players/team : 3vs3
Victory rounds to win : 2
Max rounds : 3

Game mode :
1- CrashSite on Skyline
2- CrashSite on Airport
3- Capture the relay on Museum (if needed)

Banned weapons :
Gauss and attachments on any weapons
Ltag and attachments on any weapons
C4 (while Capture the Relay)

Only 1 of these weapons for each team :
(You can cumulate these weapons in same Team but...
Example, 1 Dsg+r, 1 Grendel+techscope, 1 scarab+s...

Server settings :
4 servers located in same place so pings are exac...
Servers unranked and password protected
Votekick disabled
Kill Am enabled
Spawn timer 8 seconds
Spectator mode enabled
Start game timer 60 seconds
Vtol disabled
HMG disabled

CrashSite : scorelimit increased to 300pts
Capture the Relay : 8 minutes for each round

We expect good spirit, fair play, no camping and...
Just having fun
For training with the Tournament configuration, a...
"[TDM] CvsR Tournament training"
The password will be sent to all Clans admins
This Tournament is Public, not only for Clans.
You can sign in untill the 23th October.
From saibot852 on 09/24/2014 06:43 PM GMT +00:00

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